"We are not born to creep and crawl on earth. We are born to fly to the ultimate."




The Significance of the Faravahar / Farohar Figure (Zoroastrian's symbol)

1) The Faravahar’s face resembles the face of human being and therefore, indicates its connection to mankind. The human journey is toward growth and freedom from the ignorance.

2) There are two wings in two sides of the picture, which have three main feathers.

These main feathers indicate three symbols of conscious thoughts, conscious words, and conscious deed, which are at the same time the motive of flight and advancement.

3) The lower part of the Faravahar consists of three parts, representing unconscious thoughts, unconscious words, and unconscious deed which causes misery and misfortune for human beings.

4) There are two loops at the two sides of the Faravahar, which represent Sepanta Minu (Sublime Consciousness and Wisdom), and Ankareh Minu (Spirit of Ignorance and unconsciousness).

The former is directed toward the face and the latter is located at the back. This also indicates that we have to proceed toward the consciousness and turn away from unconsciousness.

5) There is a circle in the middle of the Faravahar’s trunk.

This symbol indicates that our spirit is immortal, having neither a beginning, nor an end.

6) One hand of the Faravahar, points upwards, showing that we have to struggle to thrive.

7) The other hand holds a ring. Some interpreters consider that as the ring of covenant, representing loyalty and faithfulness to the path of consciousness and wisdom.