The Invisible Hand

Every day, the cellist sat and played his cello. In fact, he was not "doing" anything. One hand moved slowly on the cello, and the other hand held it. He was listening to his own music as though someone else were playing it. How strange it was! He felt used by the universe to be the device to express divine songs.

Now, he could understand the birds and their songs. He realized that the birds, themselves, didn't sing – they, like him, were just opened to express the divine songs. He had never felt it before, since he was too closed to let the divine unveil Herself through him as it did with the rest of the 

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It was another day that he sat down at his regular spot and began to play his cello. He was wondering about the purpose of his music. How could he express it? He did not have to anymore. He just needed to let go and to allow the invisible hand to play for him. He just needed to be open to the Divine to express herself through him. It was just as it was. Nothing more, nothing less.

He began to play again. . . This time, it was so beautiful! He was witnessing the invisible hand using his own hand to play the cello. He was silent and lost in the music. He was mesmerized. He was no longer the cellist. He was part of the universe. No, he was more. He was the universe.   


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Cello Blue

David Darling